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National Sanctuaries of New Zealand workshop: Pūkaha 2023

Presentations given at the 2023 Sanctuaries of New Zealand workshop, held at Mt Bruce, in order presented.

Day one

Miskelly C.  From farm to forest — 50 years of ecological transformation on Mana Island 
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Miskelly2023.pdf [17.8 MB]

MacDermid K, Stone Z, Armstrong D.  Improving translocation outcomes through monitoring and adapting management 
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/MacDermid2023.pdf [3.2 MB]

Cooper H, Galbraith M.  The Pohutukawa project — citizen scientists assessing management options for a monoculture forest on Tiritiri Matangi 
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Cooper2023.pdf [2.3 MB]

Ferrari G.  Predator Free NZ 2050 and the provision of ecosystem services in horticulture: insights from native birds in ecosanctuaries 
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Ferrari2023.pdf [1.9 MB]

Castro I, Witehira R.  Tomo-informed translocations for kiwi in a changing climate 

Nelson N.  Tuatara nesting and climate change 
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Nelson2023.pdf [2.5 MB]

Woolley C.  Conservation of lizards in NZ cities: from backyards to urban sanctuaries 
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Wooley2023.pdf [2.5 MB]

Kessels E.  Exploring the effects of habitat change on lizard populations in Wellington 
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Kessels2023.pdf [8.0 MB]

McGee K.  Exploring the effects of habitat change on lizard populations in Wellington 
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/McGee2023.pdf [4.2 MB]

Fea N, Hartley S, Griffiths J.  The influence of seedfall, rats and weather on populations of New Zealand forest birds, expressed as multi-factor density impact functions 
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Hartley2023.pdf [1.9 MB]


Day two

Tait A.  Climate Change — What does it mean for New Zealand? 
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Tait2023.pdf [3.1 MB]

Whitelaw S.  What does climate change mean for braided rivers? 
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Whitelaw2023.pdf [4.8 MB]

Barlow-Tukaki O.  Iwi climate and 1080 
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Barlow-Tukaki2023.pdf [6.6 MB]

Allen W.  Impacts of Cyclone Gabrielle on ecosanctuaries: the good, the bad and the ugly 
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Allen2023.pdf [5.3 MB]


The 2023 Sanctuaries of NZ workshop was hosted by Pūkaha National Wildlife Centre, with support from Gotcha Traps and Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research

Pūkaha National Wildlife Centre   Gotcha Traps   Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research




Sanctuaries of NZ attendees are welcomed to Te Whare Taiao o Manukura

Attendees of the 2023 Sanctuaries of NZ workshop being welcomed to Te Whare Taiao o Manukura. Pūkaha, Mt Bruce. Photo: Neil Fitzgerald


Colin Miskelly presents at the 2023 Sanctuaries of NZ workshop

Colin Miskelly describes the ecological transformation of Mana Island. Pūkaha, Mt Bruce. Photo: Neil Fitzgerald