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Our research

Impacts of mice alone on biodiversity: final report of a Waikato field trial (March 2017)

Behaviour of invader ship rats behind fences at Maungatautari (posted December 2006)

Wandering weta—Monitoring Cook Straight giant weta released at Karori Sanctuary (posted August 2007)


Other sanctuary-relevant research

Outcome Based Investments

Remainder of Sustaining & Restoring Biodiversity (Landcare Research)

Defining NZ’s Land Biota (Landcare Research)

Ecosystem Resilience (Landcare Research)

National Research Centre for Possum Biocontrol (AgResearch and Landcare Research)

Projects (another FRST word) in the pest field

Multiple Pest Dynamics. Increased protection of native biota through an understanding of the mechanisms driving, and consequences of, multiple pest dynamics in natural ecosystems. Science leader: Dr Wendy Ruscoe, Lincoln. (Landcare Research)

Spatial Ecology and Modelling. Spatial population assessment and prediction for the control of mammalian pests. Science leader: Dr Andrea Byrom, Lincoln. (Landcare Research)

Multi-species Pest Control. Science leaders: Graham Nugent and Bruce Warburton, Lincoln. (Landcare Research)