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Five minute bird counts (5MBC)
Department of Conservation summary of 5MBC methods and studies.

Forest Monitoring and Assessment Kit (FORMAK)
For vegetation, bird and pest monitoring.

Further reading

Fraser, E., and Hauber, M,. 2008: Higher call rates of morepork, Ninox novaeseelandiae, at sites inside an area with ongoing brodifacoum poisoning compared with matched non-managed sites. New Zealand Journal of Zoology, Vol. 35: 1-7


Fungal Guide Website
Pictorial keys to help identify some of the more common macrofungi in New Zealand


Further reading

Bleakley, C., et al 2006: Design and use of artificial refuges for monitoring adult tree weta, Hemideina crassidens and H. thoracica. DOC research and Development Series 233. Department of Conservation, Wellington. 37p.
http://www.doc.govt.nz/upload/documents/science-and-technical/drds233.pdf [248 KB]
http://www.doc.govt.nz/upload/documents/science-and-technical/drds233a.pdf [352 KB]

Sinclair, L., et al 2005: How did invertebrates respond to eradication of rats from Kapiti Island, New Zealand? New Zealand Journal of Zoology, Vol. 32: 293–315


Note from John Innes on rat tracking SOP

Forest Monitoring and Assessment Kit (FORMAK)
For vegetation, bird and pest monitoring.

Habitat Protection Fund Project Monitoring Toolkit


Forest Monitoring and Assessment Kit (FORMAK)
For vegetation, bird and pest monitoring.

Fuchsia pollination
In sanctuaries, pest control often elevates bird densities. By surveying pollination on tree fuchsia, it should be possible to quantify any benefits of higher bird numbers to ecosystem function such as pollination. This is one of the indicators of sanctuary success that we (the Conservation Flagships IO) use, and we encourage and appreciate its annual application by sanctuaries. Click here for a fact sheet.

Handbook for monitoring wetland condition [711 KB pdf]
Comprehensive guide to monitoring wetland condition.
Beverley Clarkson, Brian Sorrell, Paula Reeves, Paul Champion, Trevor Partridge, Bruce Clarkson.

National Vegetation Survey Databank (NVS)
A physical archive and computer databank of permanent vegetation monitoring plots and surveys throughout New Zealand.Survey manuals and plot sheets are available.

Wetlands Monitoring and Assessment Kit (WETMAK)
A toolkit for monitoring wetland vegetation.

Wildlife Health

Wildlife health online course
Eight wildlife health training modules demonstrate the application of ‘best practice’ for a range of avian veterinary techniques in use with New Zealand birds. The modules are designed for people who use veterinary techniques on wildlife. This includes Department of Conservation staff, volunteers, wildlife rehabilitators, community groups, researchers and contractors.

The modules will provide an excellent grounding in what is required and what equipment is needed. However, further practical field based training is requisite for you to be qualified to use these techniques on a bird.

Note: Handling absolutely protected and partially protected wildlife, as defined in the Wildlife Act 1953, requires a permit from the Department of Conservation.

More information on wildlife health is available at  http://www.doc.govt.nz/wildlifehealth.