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Habitat te Henga

Location of Habitat te HengaA resoration project with coastal wetlands, home to bittern, spotless crake, fernbirds [marsh crake?], shoveller, mallard, black swan, paradise duck. Coastal cliffs with grey-faced petrel, diving petrel, flesh-footed and sooty shearwaters. Beach with pipits, NZ dotterel, banded dotterel.


Improving native biodiversity, improving existing indigenous biodiversity, preparing way for self re-introductions or translocations.


Bethell's Beach, west ofAuckland.


500-600 ha.

Organisations involved

Private, Auckland Council, DOC, and Forest & Bird.

Management history

A network of over 250 traps is maintained to control stoats, weasels, feral cats, and rats over more than 500 ha.

Pateke were reintroduced in January 2015.