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Pomona Island

Location of Pomona IslandVision

To restore Pomona Island to a pest-free state and maintain as an island refuge.


To provide an accessible location for people to see, hear and learn about the flora and fauna native to Fiordland.


Lake Manapouri, Fiordland


262 ha

Organisations involved

Pomona Island Charitable Trust

Management history

Since 2006 members of the local community have put in the hard yards to remove the five pest species present on Pomona Island. Stoats were the first target and there is a permanent network of 37 trap sites across the island as well as a trap line on the adjacent mainland. In 2007 over 430 possums were trapped and the resident deer population was removed. The eradication of pests from the island culminated in a two aerial applications of brodifacoum targeting the rats and mice. Pomona Island has now been free of all pest animals for nearly two years and the regeneration of the native flora is well under way. The restoration work on the island has begun with the transfer of 58 South Island robins to Pomona in 2009. Education is also taking place to ensure that the public helps the Trust to keep the island free of pests.


Pomona Island is categorised as an Open Sanctuary Island with public access available at all times. The public’s help is therefore needed to ensure that rats and mice are not accidentally brought back to the island by boat or in a backpack.