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Ngapukeariki Mainland Island Project

Location of Ngapukeariki Mainland Island ProjectNgapukeariki is a mainland Island type project managed in partnership with Nga Whenua Rahui and the landowners represented by the Mangaroa/Ohotu Trust.


The aim of the project is to restore the area by reducing pest densities and reintroducing species that have disappeared.


Ngapukeariki is situated approximately 40km east of Opotiki.


Total protected area 1,300ha

Organisations involved

Nga Whenua Rahui, the Mangaroa/Ohotu Trust and the local iwi-Te Whanau a Apanui

Management history

Initial pest control was with a combination of leg hold and kill traps for rats and possums. Stoats are still controlled by manuel trapping.
Maintainence of low rat and possums densities is through use of a combination of Pindone and Feratox applied in bait-stations.