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Matakohe / Limestone Island

Location of Matakohe / Limestone IslandAn island belonging to the Whangarei District Council (WDC) which is managed as a restoration project by the Friends of Matakohe Limestone Island (FOMLI)

Primary Goals


Adjacent to the Whangarei suburb of Onerahi in the upper reaches of the Whangarei Harbour.


39 hectare, designated as a Scenic Reserve by the WDC.

Organisations involved

Friend of Matakohe Limestone Island incorporated Society

Management history

Restoration planting began in 1989 with FOMLI taking over management responsibilities in 1991. All pests were eradicated except for mice. A 25m. grid appears to have eventually removed the mice, although difficult to ever be totally sure. The island is subject to reinvasion from stoats and Norway rats; as a consequence the 25m. grid is baited 3 monthly and stoat traps serviced weekly.


By private boat, kayak, dingy or by arrangement with the resident ranger on the island’s purpose built passenger barge – koha donation to cover running costs. Mown walking tracks with good signage.