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Bream Head Conservation Trust

Location of Bream HeadThe Bream Head Conservation Trust has been established to manage the Bream Head Scenic Reserve, situated at the entrance to Whangarei Harbour. The reserve contains unique archaeological, historical and landscape features and the largest remaining intact stand of coastal broadleaf forest in Northland.


Restore and maintain the ecological environment of the Reserve as it existed in former times and in ways which will help people to enjoy its richness and diversity. Preserve archaeological and historical sites within the Reserve, and enhance the recreational and educational potential of the Reserve in ways that are compatible with its conservation values.


Situated at the entrance to Whangarei Harbour aproximately 30 km from Whangarei.


830 ha, from rocky and sandy shores, through pohutukawa forest to rock outcrops at 488 m above sea level.

Organisations involved

Department of Conservation, local Iwi, Whangarei District Council.

Management history

Fences have been established and upgraded to exclude livestock and some areas replanted with native trees.

Goats were eradicated between 1991 and 1994 using ground and sea-based hunting, the use of trained dogs and Judas goats.

1080 poison was applied aerially in 1993 to control posssums. Bait stations were subsequently placed on a 150 m grid. Possum control has also been undertaken on 50 hectares of adjacent private forest to reduce reinvasion.

Rabbits are controlled by poisoning and spotlight hunting.


Open to the public. There are several walking tracks through the reserve.