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Ark In The Park

Location of Ark in the ParkThe Ark in the Park open sanctuary is a community restoration project in the Cascades Kauri Park, northern Waitakere Ranges, Auckland.


The project aims to significantly reduce animal and plant pests in a 2000 hectare area with the long term goal of reintroducing native animals and plants now extinct in the Waitakere Ranges.


25 minutes drive west of Central Auckland at the northern end of the Waitakere Ranges, the AITP is centred on the Cascades Kauri Park.


Currently over 1000 ha of native forest is managed for pests.

Organisations involved

Forest and Bird (Waitakere Branch), Auckland Regional Council.

Management history

A bait station grid is maintained for control of possums and rats, and traps set for stoats and cats. Predator control began in 2003 in a 250 ha area in the north east sector of Cascades Kauri Park. The area treated has since expanded to over 1000 ha with plans to treat up to 2000 ha.

Whiteheads were translocated to the sanctuary in August 2004 and 2008, North Island robins in April 2005, and hihi in 2007 and 2008.


Open between 7am and 7:30pm in winter, and until 9pm in summer.