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Sanctuaries of New Zealand workshop: Inglewood 2012

Presentations given at the 2012 Sanctuaries of New Zealand workshop, in order presented.

Innes J. Introduction
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Innes2012.pdf [1.07 MB]

Norbury G. Control vs fencing: relative cost-effectiveness for protecting biodiversity
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Norbury2012.pdf [1.53 MB]

Gillies C,. Harper G., Gorman N., Crossan I., Meduna A., Long J. Self-resetting traps: a progress report from the Rotoiti Nature Recovery Project
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Harper2012.pdf [1.32 MB]

Wotton D., Kelly D., Robertson A., Anderson S., Powlesland R., Ladley J. Seed dispersal by native animals: Restoring functioning ecosystems
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Norbury2012.pdf [1.57 MB]

Bell T. and Herbert S. Following up Duvaucel's gecko (Hoplodactylus duvaucelii) on mana Island
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Bell2012a.pdf [2.74 MB]

Bell T., Thoresen J., Herbert S., Hoare J., O'Donnell C., Melzer S., Sinclair S., Thompson A., Baber M., Brunton D. Monitoring cryptic geckos in sanctuaries using foam retreats

Fowles C. Freshwater biomonitoring: methods and usage
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Fowles2012.pdf [3.44 MB]

Jackson B. Disease surveillance in New Zealand: the role of sanctuaries
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Jackson2012.pdf [2.16 MB]

Leathwick J. Prioritising ecosystem and species management
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Leathwick2012.pdf [4.37 MB]

Byrom A., Timmins S. Pest-free New Zealand: Challenges and opportunities
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Byrom2012.pdf [4.02 MB]

Innes J., Watts C., Fitzgerald N., Bartlam S., Thornburrow D,. Smale M., Wilson D., Padamsee M., Johnstone P. Mouse impacts on biodiversity at Maungatautari
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Innes2012b.pdf [1.8 MB]

Norbury G. Mouse responses to predator removal and consequences for biodiversity
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Norbury2012b.pdf [4.87 MB]

Maitland M. (Comp). Mice in fenced sanctuaries
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Maitland2012.pdf [3.39 MB]