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Sanctuaries of New Zealand workshop: Great Barrier Island 2010

Presentations given at the 2010 Sanctuaries of New Zealand workshop, in order presented.

Innes J. Introduction
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Innes2010.pdf [493 KB]

Miller R. Motu Kaikoura update
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Miller2010.pdf [2.48 MB]

Gilbert J. Running the gauntlet—promoting the eradication of rats and feral cats on an inhabited island
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Gilbert2010.pdf [1.55 MB]

Parlato E. North Island robin reintroductions to mainland and Great Barrier Island reserves
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Parlato2010.pdf [1.72 MB]

Campbell-Hunt C. Social Entrepreneurship. The case of fenced ecosanctuaries in New Zealand: a study by Diane Campbell-Hunt
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Campbell-Hunt2010.pdf [2.60 MB]

Nathan H. Advance, Invading Hordes! Population growth and detectability of mice on Saddle Island
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Nathan2010.pdf [697 KB]

Byrom A. Rats: Measuring, detecting and modelling the rascally rodent
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Byrom2010.pdf [1.38 MB]

Pech R. New directions in pest animal research
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Pech2010.pdf [1.77 MB]

Gillies C. A review of conservation outcomes from mainland islands
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Gillies2010.pdf [768 KB]