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National Sanctuaries of New Zealand workshop: Raetihi 2022

Presentations given at the 2022 Sanctuaries of New Zealand workshop, held at Nelson and hosted by Brook Waimarama Sanctuary, in order presented.

Science talks

Binny R, Innes J, Fitzgerald N. Bird community responses to pest control in ecosanctuaries  
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Binny2022.pdf [3.08 MB]

Kemp J, Elliott G. Recent developments in the use of aerially applied 1080, within DOC's National Predator Control programme  
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Kemp-and-Elliott2022.pdf [2.56 MB]

Nicholls M. Developing an approach for predator elimination  
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Nicholls2022.pdf [10.0 MB]

Kelly L, Casanovas P. The potentials and pitfalls of eDNA: What freshwaters can reveal  
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Kelly-and-Casanovas2022.pdf [5.08 MB]

Kenup C. Determining optimal monitoring strategies for wildlife management: A value of information framework  
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Kenup2022.pdf [1.42 MB]

Cieraad E. Sanctuaries as dark treasures: or why care about light at night?  
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Cieraad2022.pdf [10.9 MB]

Millar I. Life underground: The hidden habitats beneath our feet  
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Millar2022.pdf [2.11 MB]

Cochrane P. Nelson Nature: Bringing the wild into our life  
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Cochrane2022.pdf [5.35 MB]

Bell B. Taking New Zealand eradication techniques global: restoring all manner of islands around the world  

Ough Dealy H, Petterson M, Jarvis R. Understanding the roles of hope and conservation attitudes in retaining and attracting community conservationists  
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/OughDealy2022.pdf [1.96 MB]


SONZI day. Conservation frontiers: technology, scale and partnerships in social and ecological landscapes

Innes J. Pest management in Aotearoa New Zealand – major regimes (and visions)  
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Innes2022.pdf [3.50 MB]

Maitland M. A Sanctuary managers technology journey  
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Maitland2022.pdf [161 KB]

Rodd M. Working collaboratively for transformational outcomes  
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Rodd2022.pdf [3.57 MB]

Fitzpatrick M. Partnerships driving change for biodiversity  
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Fitzpatrick2022.pdf [100 KB]