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National Sanctuaries of New Zealand workshop: Banks Peninsula 2017

Presentations given at the 2017 Sanctuaries of New Zealand workshop, in order presented.

Innes J. 14th Sanctuary workshop: Banks Peninsula  
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Innes-2017.pdf [676 KB]

Ryan G. The Cacophony Project  
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Ryan-2017.pdf [912 KB]

Binny R, Byrom A, Innes J, Pech R, James A. Biodiversity responses to predator control  
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Binny-2017.pdf [1.42 MB]

Warburton B. Animal welfare, environmental ethics, and vertebrate pest management
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Warburton-2017.pdf [1.25 MB]

Wilson D, Watts C, Innes J, Fitzgerald N, Bartlam S, Thornburrow D, Kelly C, Barker G, Smale M, Padamsee M. Mice alone and their biodiversity impacts: a 5-year experiment at Maungatautari
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Wilson-and-Watts-2017.pdf [1.83 MB]

Collins D. Climate change: A moving target in sanctuary management
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Collins-2017.pdf [2.24 MB]

O'Donnell C. Of bitterns, bats and bellbirds: recent research on mammalian predators and predator control in wetlands, alpine habitats and forests
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/ODonnell-2017.pdf [4.37 MB]

Morgan J. Predator Free NZ
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Morgan-2017.pdf [5.55 MB]

Parkes J. Predator Free NZ 2050: an achievable vision or a mirage?
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Parkes-2017.pdf [1.82 MB]

Scofield P. Is ecosystem restoration possible in NZ?
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Scofield-2017.pdf [3.22 MB]

Curnow M & Kerr G. Predator free Banks Peninsula: a pipe dream or possibility?
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Curnow-and-Kerr-2017.pdf [2.47 MB]

Honor L. Wild for Taranaki
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Honor-2017.pdf [2.09 MB]

Taylor H . Science and sanctuaries: spotlights on genetics
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Taylor-2017.pdf [5.39 MB]

Hanson B. DOC Partnerships
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Hanson-2017.pdf [5.39 MB]

Toki N. DOC Threatened Species Strategy
http://www.sanctuariesnz.org/meetings/documents/Toki-2017.pdf [1.36 MB]


Sanctuaries of NZ fieldtrip participants

Sanctuaries of New Zealand fieldtrip to Riccarton Bush, Christchurch. Photo: Neil Fitzgerald