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Manufacturers and sellers of products and services that might be of interest to sanctuary managers. The products listed for each company are not intended to be an exhaustive list.

NOTE: Listing of products or services here does NOT imply endorsement by Landcare Research or any other organisation.


Alpeco Alternative Pest Control. Nara Liquid, Nara Lure and Nara Bloc non-toxic attractants (3 MB pdf).
Animal Control Products Manufacturers of vertebrate pesticides for controlling a wide range of species including the Pestoff range.
Connovation Feratox (cyanide), Feracol (cholecalciferol), and Cyanara (cyanide paste) poisons and Warrior kill traps. Repellents and monitoring devices.
Gorilla Traps Rat and mouse traps.
Gotcha Traps Black Trakka tracking tunnels and cards.
Grantley Imports Pest control devices, including Victor Pro and Snap-E rat kill traps and Kage-All Live cage traps.
Holden Traps / Trappers Cyanide Ltd Live-capture, leg-hold (Bushmaster) and kill traps. Cyanide, lures and bait stations.
Kiwicare Pest control products including the No Possums cholecalciferol long life gel bait.
Lane Plastics Manufacturers of plastic triangles for marking tracks etc.
Pest management services Poison baits, bait stations, traps and trap covers, wax tags.
Pestproof Fences Predator proof fence supplies and installation.

Philproof pest control products

Poison baits, bait stations, Fenn traps, trap covers and tracking tunnels.
Possum Master Industries Possum Master kill-trap.
Predator Traps The official site of the Doc series trapping systems .
Xcluder Pest Proof Fencing Company Pest exclusion fences.


EcoGecko Consultants Ecological consultancy services specialising in herpetology (lizards, frogs and tuatara) in New Zealand.
Ecohounds Mustelid detection, research collaboration, education and advocacy using a fully DoC certified dog and handler team.
Ecoworks NZ Environmental management services, throughout New Zealand and the Pacific.
Landcare Research Animal and plant pest management services.
Parker Conservation Conservation consultants specialising in translocation and restoration management and research in New Zealand and internationally .
Target Pest

Animal pest and weed control and monitoring.

Wildland Consultants Ecological consultancy.
Wildlife Management Associates Ecological restoration, pest solutions, advocacy and education.

Other sites

BirdingNZ.net New Zealand birdwatching discussion forum. Bird identification help and bird related event publicity (bird counts, releases etc.).
Ecological Traits of New Zealand Flora

Database of ecological traits, linked to Landcare Research's suite of databases related to plant systematics, is designed as a one-stop-shop for questions such as 'what kind of plant is this?', 'is it a weed?', 'does it produce viable seeds?', 'how is the seed dispersed?'

Maori Plant Use Detailed information on Maori traditional uses of New Zealand native plants .
New Zealand Biosecurity Institute An incorporated society with membership open to anyone interested in biosecurity issues.
New Zealand Plants Access to information on plant taxa that occur in New Zealand. The site combines data from the New Zealand Plant Names Database and the Allan Herbarium Specimen database.
New Zealand Plant Conservation Network Information about indigenous plant species and communities.
New Zealand's Virtual Mycota Electronic, flora-like compilation of the fungi of New Zealand, to help with identification.
NZ Birds Online Comprehensive information on all NZ birds, including help with identification and local species lists.
NZ Lizards Database Access to a wealth of information describing the lizard species of New Zealand.
What Bird? Bird identification tool
Global Restoration Network Online information portal on ecological restoration around the world.